Friday, April 28, 2017

Track Updates

      I had recently mentioned, in another blog, that I started track. I have had six track meets since then. Since I am a seventh grader on Varsity track, I go to both middle school and varsity track meets. Sometimes my coach has to pick which ones I should go to, because sometimes there is four or three meets in the week total. Like this week there was four but three of them got cancelled to do bad weather and snow. My ultimate goal is to go to state track in the two mile. According to my coach that could be my "easy way in." I have only ran the two mile once, I was supposed to run it twice this week, but the meets got canceled.

      I have been really excited about my track meet results. My first varsity meet was a home meet. It was the Whetstone Valley Invite. I ran the 1600 meter run (mile) and the open 800 meter run. I got 6th in the 1600 and 8th in 800, my times were pretty good, being that that was my first track meet EVER. From there out I knew had to set my paces and wanted to get better. My next meet was another varsity meet, at home. It was The National Guard Invite. At that meet, I ran the 3200 run (2 mile), I got 3rd, and that boosted my confidence, especially because I beat my biggest 8th grade rival. I got a medal for that race. My most recent Varsity meet, I ran the 1600 and 800, I got 12th and 13th. That wasn't my best meet at all. It was very cold and there were a ton of people in my races. That has been all my varsity meets, my next upcoming one, is the Valley Queen Cheese invite, in town.

     I have had 3 middle school meets. Those are really fun because I place every time and I like to see how well I do. Most of my friends are in track too, and that is one of the only times I get to hang out with them at track. The 1st middle school, was really cold, and I ran the 1600, open 400, and open 800. I got 1st place in the 1600 and the 800, and 3rd in the 400. I have discovered I hate running open 400s. The next meet, was a bit bigger and warmer. I ran the open 800, open 400, and the 4x4. I got 1st place in the 800, and anchored, caught up by a lot and led my relay team to a 1st place finish. I still got 3rd in the 400, but I beat my old time, so that's what counts. And my last meet was this Monday, I wasn't planning on going to this meet, because I was going to the varsity meet the next day. At last minute that varsity meet got canceled, so I went to the Roncalli one. Roncalli is our biggest school rival. I was supposed to run the 1600 and 800, but I only got to run the 1600. The meet was run so poorly, it was taking forever, and it was freezing cold. Our team left early, the meet would have got done at 9:30. I got 4th place in the mile, there was more Aberdeen runners, that were ahead of me in the mile.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Social Issue

     My social issue, I'm going to be doing for my research paper is foster care. I chose this because it has something that has interested me, ever since I watched "The Fosters". "The Fosters "is a TV series about a family that takes in a foster girl and eventually her brother will join there. But there is plenty of struggles in the new family. I want to take this issue and make it more announced, just so people know about because in my town there is a couple foster families. I know that those are good homes, but there are some around the country with horrible homes. I have found some very interesting facts. For example, Arizona has the most kids in foster care and New Mexico has the highest percentage of miss treated children. The main reason kids are put into foster homes is because of abuse. 70% are put in because of abuse. But over 30% are still abused or ended up in juvenile detention for bad actions, because of the new home. I plan to use,, and They give statics and facts on foster care. is a actual source written by a foster child. Some of these have definitely showed me that foster care is a big problem, not addressed by many people. I need more facts, maybe more of the foster care process, that a foster parent must go through. I have heard that there isn't a big process, so sometimes, possibly anyone could foster a child, good or bad.  I am very excited to write about this, something I haven't thought about writing about before. This is also my first research paper.

Thursday, March 30, 2017



I'm back, it's been a while since I've posted but I'll just give a quick update on running, since I talked about that the most. So I started preparing for track at the end of February, since I don't do a winter sport. Working out earlier defiantly paid off. Me, along with 4 other middle schoolers started Varsity track on March 13th. That was one week before middle schoolers start. The first couple days of track we did testing indoors, because it snowed the Sunday before the 13th. I run long distance, so like the 2 mile, 1 mile, and longer relays. In track practice, it's split up into separate groups, and our long distance runs are nothing like cross country runs. I can't wait for my first meet, to see what I can do, I know I'll have to try harder on Varsity. My first meet is on April 4th and it's a hometown meet.

Friday, March 3, 2017


     I decided to write about the works of Orthodontists, mostly because I want to be one when I grow up. So far I know that you need to go to school for 10 years, give or take some years. It depends how far you want to go with your career, I think. I also Orthodontists specialize in a different type of dentistry, dealing with braces. Most of the time they just evaluate how your teeth are doing and how the braces look. I know the average salary is 200,00 for an orthodontist (mostly why I want to be one). But you definitely need to be smart and get into a good school, with good grades and scholarships. I want to know what it takes to do it, besides what I already know, and I want to know what they exactly do, and what they learn.

     After some research on, I found out that the particular dentistry is diagnosing crooked or crowded teeth and abnormalities to the mouth. I was right schooling is about 10 years. 4 years for undergraduate studies, then 4 years of dental school, lastly about 2-4 years in orthodontic schooling.  The main courses high school students should take for an orthodontic career are some science and physics, and chemistry and biology. A really good thing is people are looking for more orthodontists than dentists these days. On a tougher side, after reading on, I learned that it's going to be tough schooling and long days of hard work. Most orthodontists  run their own business, some day I hope just to go into anther business.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Argumentative Writing, Should Our Government Restrict Some Freedom of Speech?


     I think it's right to sometimes for the government to restrict freedom of speech. In my mind if they were restricting it, it would be a major event, telling them to be quiet, about bad speech. But sometimes people in this world are so stupid and keep from saying really bad, horrible things. Especially right now when people are saying stuff about women's right and Donald Trump. I think they should be restricted because they are staying stupid stuff that doesn't need to be said, Donald Trump is our president and they can't do anything about it.

     The government should know what should and shouldn't be said, therefore they should stop anything bad from being spoken. Freedom of speech shouldn't be good, about what your fighting about. Another way I vision this when, a protest, the police technically stop people from saying horrible things. That's what they should do, stop them from "that kind" of freedom of speech. Others may disagree because they feel anyone could say ANYTHING they want, for their life. Basically I think the government should restrict bad speech, and good speech should be accepting, no matter what their fighting for.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Running Update

      One of the major things I liked to talk about was cross country, and obviously that's over, but I still remember the season like it was yesterday. But I'm still running, at our local fitness center, haven't for a while because I've been sick and I have some knee injuries.I'm doing this to stay in shape for track in March. I can't wait for track, I have gotten spikes for it and cross country, the next season. I'm pretty sure I get to be on Middle School and Varsity track because I was on varsity cross country. Being on both would be super cool. I would love to go to state track, but that's going to be harder because there are way more kids in track, especially in the high school and they're all really good. 

      I'm trying to convince my friends to do track, none of them want to because they don't like running, but you don't have to run in track. You could throw, do jumps, or do discus. I know they will never like running as much as me, but I'll try to help them. I think I'm going to try sprinting and long distance in track, it would make sense to do long distance but I want to try sprinting too. I might have to prepare in a different way for sprinting but I will train for track in anyway. With me being in dance it helps my running because we do a ton of an workouts and leg strengthening stuff. We do between 100-200 crunches every Wednesday and train Cecchetti in ballet, on Mondays.

     I recently read a book called Ghost and it was about a boy named Castle, and it really inspired me about running. Castle grew up poorly and one day joined a track team, he needed a lot of help with a coach. Coaches are very important, sometimes when you feeling like not even functioning one day they motivate you. In cross country both of the coaches were and are my teachers, I thought it would be bad but they motivated me even more, they talked to me outside of practice. I will never forget the day if my first Varsity race, coach Townsend called me over and he said "I have good and bad news which do you want to hear first?" I said bad first and the bad wasn't bad at all it was that the weather was going to be warm. Then he said  the good news is "You're running Varsity", I had the biggest smile and then gave my friend a hug, I was so proud of myself. All day I was pumped, and ready to run. Every time I think of that I know it's possible to achieve wonderful goals.




Friday, January 27, 2017


     Something I've always to learn about is surfing, I do not know much at all. I know it's difficult and it takes a lot of a practice. I am pretty sure it is really popular in Hawaii, and the ocean waves have to be just right. I've heard and saw surfing from the movie Soul Surfer. That movie is about Bethany Hamilton and how she got her arm bit off by a shark. I could see in that movie that surfing is difficult and take time and practice. I want to know how you stay a good surfer, and what kind of practice it takes. What kind of weather is right and also how do surfing competitions work, because there is a couple of those in Soul Surfer.

      From researching about it I found out that surfing originated in the Pacific Ocean and islands by Hawaii (kind of what I thought).  About the actual surfboard, the shorter the board the better for tricks, and most standard surfboards have three fins. Beaches that are long and semi-sloped are usually the best for good waves. Wind is a big factor you want some to keep the waves going, but not to much, like storm winds. When catching a wave, the biggest aspect is balancing, and surfer have to use speed and momentum to keep going an eventually perform tricks. How you train to be a surfer a main thing is you always have to loosen your muscles and then some good exercises are push ups, squats, and etc, The phrase ¨Hanging Ten¨ comes from one you have one or both feet hanging over the front of board. The ASP (The Association of Surfing Professionals) holds surfing competitions and surfers are judged on size of wave ridden, distance they have ridden, and quality of tricks or rides performed.

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